mic tokyo tower

Born and currently residing in Perth, Western Australia, Mick is happily married to his beautiful wife Dale and has two children – son Jesse and daughter Brittany.

A highly acclaimed and sought-after weapons specialist, Mick has provided training for Australia’s elite military special forces and law enforcement units.

For many years, Mick, along with his good friend and boss, former SAS Trooper, Tex, have together provided personal security in some of the world’s most glamorous and exciting cities – Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, Dubai, London and Geneva.

‘I’d always wanted to write a novel but two things were missing. I never had the time and I didn’t have anything exciting to write about. All that changed when some incredible people came into my life. One of them introduced me to amazing places and even more amazing people from around the world, while another inspired me to explore the dark side of human emotions. I finally had something to write about.

Full of frustration and anger, and now ready to put pen to paper, my supportive wife urged me to take time off to write my story. My initial intention was to tell a story and make it as authentic as possible. I wanted the reader to see what I’ve seen and feel what I’ve felt. However, I had to be mindful to not let my own experiences overshadow the true heart of the story – the volatile relationship between the two main characters, Gabriel and Trinity.’